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For SEO and web design in Garden City, GA, TradeBark creates dynamic website designs that rank high on Google, converting your visitors into customers! You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Your website is the window into your organization, the place where your brand can resonate with your audience. And the design of your website says a lot.
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An up-to-date, modern website with a well thought out design shows your audience that you care about them, you care about your brand, and that you may be worthy of investment.

Careful web design can lead visitors to your page to convert to customers. Poorly crafted sites can lead your visitors straight to your competitors.

On the surface level, your website is a background check.

If you don’t have one, you don’t pass.

Responsive Websites + Modern Design

If you have an out of date, non-mobile responsive website, users are going to leave your page, and find a competitor’s site they can view on their phone. In most cases, visitors to your site will be doing so on an Android or iOS smartphone.

If your site is designed to be viewed on a computer screen only, your users will “bounce”, and your search rankings will plummet.

So a responsive website design is absolutely critical to getting visitors to find your site on search engines, stay on your site long enough to be engaged, and convert from lurkers to buyers. But is it enough to make the phones ring?

A Website Designed for Your Business

TradeBark takes a holistic approach to web design. Researching your industry, and the needs of your business and your clients is the first step.

A web design partner that can’t or won’t understand the needs of your business and clients can’t design a site for brands that matter. It’s that simple.

Nobody knows your business better than you, and we’ll need to tap your insight and experience to give you the bespoke website your brand needs.

Armed with the information you give us, we’ll lay out a basic design, make aesthetic and color choices, and present you some options. After you approve any subjective decisions, we can begin to build your site in earnest.

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    Our Work: Great Web Design and SEO

    You hired us for our expertise, so we’ll ask that you trust us on things that we’ve learned to be effective in creating a website design that engages and ultimately converts with visitors. You may not like a color, but we know that certain colors are proven to be more effective than others at getting visitors in a certain head-space.

    Conversion is the name of the game, and we’ll guide you, or write for you, optimized copy that converts and generates “ranking power” on search engines.

    We’ll craft and place CTA’s (Call-To-Action’s) throughout your site to get the phones ringing, or the clicks coming.

    End the end, you’ll have a modern, responsive, well organized website. A site designed and optimized to rank well with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A website that engages, educates, and entertains your visitors. A site that allows your brand to turn visitors into customers.

    TradeBark is your web design & SEO partner, call 912-677-9526, or send us a message.

    See you on the web!

    "I came to Tradebark during some DARK very uncared for days. Josh and Adam treated our team with GENUINE love. They take time to explain things that might as well be Greek to us. They take painstaking time and care to ensure we are clear and on the same sheet of music. They truly invest in the clients goals and that is immeasurable especially when you realize a company that cares is hard to find."

    Erica Scriven
    General Manager, The Eichholz Law Firm

    "These guys are top notch and they deliver what they promise. We interviewed several local SEO companies and we’re so glad we went with TradeBark. Their pricing structure made the most sense to us for our project and their product speaks for itself. Josh and Adam understand the intricacies of getting your business to show up on Google and they know how to get it done. They beautifully revamped our website and did everything in the timeline they projected and within budget. They got to know us and our business and they went WAY above and beyond to help with some external issues we were having. They are an absolute delight. "

    Melissa Austin
    Owner, Savannah On Wheels

    "There are not enough stars to give an accurate review of this company! Josh and Adam go above and beyond to exceed my expectations for any marketing and graphic needs for my workplace! From planned arrangements to last minute tasks, they ALWAYS deliver fantastic results! Without a doubt, the best in the business and would recommend first EVERY TIME!!! I cannot thank you guys for all that you do!"

    Margie Strong
    Sales Manager, Cash-N-Carry Savannah

    "It is said that out of quality, speed and price you are only able to get two out of three. Tradebark however, managed to exceed our expectations in all three. We had an idea of what we wanted for a website and they managed to craft our vague notions into an exceptionally attractive and navigable website. We could not be more happy with their attention to detail and how easy they made our experience."

    Jackie Weaver
    Owner, Sandfly Custom Framing

    "Adam & Joshua built us a new company website and it turned out fabulous! These guys are a delight to work with and are experts at what they do. Now we have great exposure to reach our customers. Our bookings have also increased since launching our new site! Thank you Tradebark!"

    Greg Rolf
    Owner, Southern Comfort Limousine

    "These people do amazing work. They have a great team that goes above and beyond to not only make our website look amazing, but also greatly increase our SEO rating so that our website starts working for us."

    Michael Zahn
    Dockside Logistics